Fresh Vegetables

Our fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced from Grocer on the Green, a local green grocer in Croxley. They provide us with the best quality fruits and vegetables, which are hand-selected and delivered daily.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables

Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

As the seasons change, our vegetables and fruit change along with it. We ensure our veg shelf is fully stocked with fruit and veg perfect for every recipe. 

From fresh strawberries, blueberries and figs to brussels sprouts, parsnips and celeriac, we aim to ensure you have everything you need to make your '5-a-day' an exciting reality. If there is anything you fancy, that is not on our shelf, let us know and we will get hold of it for you. 

Fresh fruit

Why Love Fruits & Vegetables?

Our family adore fruit and vegetables and we try to follow a flexitarian diet. 

We encourage our customers to be adventurous with fruit and veg, offering unusual options and suggesting recipes as well as providing a weekly "salad of the week" during summer months. 

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