The Meat Counter

We ensure that all our meat supplied to you is of the highest quality and purchased from reliable suppliers across the UK.



All of our whole chickens and chicken pieces come from responsibly reared and red tractor approved chickens.

Working closely with our supplier we ensure that our chickens come from a reliable source and provide succulent and tasty meat. We have expanded our range to now include more whole free range chickens from a reliable British supplier. 

Succulent beef


We provide only the best grass-fed British Beef. Whichever cut you need, you are guaranteed a tender piece of beef.  

You have a range of cuts to choose from to allow for a variety of experimental cooking. From fillet to rump, all of our steaks offer a tender bite and delicious flavour. For our more expensive cuts, we allow up to 30 days for the beef to age on the bone. This gives a deeper, richer flavour once cooked. 


Our Lamb is selected from the finest British farms. The sheep graze on grass to provide you with the best flavour.

We let our all of our Lamb's hang for 3-4 days to allow for maximum flavour and tenderness. Trevor, our butcher, then cuts the Lamb on the premises so you can pick which cut you want.


We offer only outdoor reared, Orchard Farm British Pork. The pigs are given access to roam freely which ensures only the best quality Pork.

Our sausages are made fresh on the premises weekly. Our butcher, Trevor, uses carefully selected cuts of pork to guarantee a low fat, high meat content for a superb tasting sausage. As a team we experiment every week with a unique sausage flavour for you to try.

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