Let us do the thinking for you! Every week we have a variety of different specials on offer. We know you all have busy lives and sometimes just need something easy and quick. Don't worry we have got you covered.

Stir-fry chicken and peppers

Mid-week Meals

During the week it can be challenging to come up with healthy family meals every week. Here at the Hook, we have done the thinking for you. 

We make 'easy to cook' stir-fry's, tray-bakes and one pot wonders, perfect for the whole family. Our meal ideas are packed with vegetables and good quality meat. That's your dinner sorted! Some of our best sellers include: a summer chicken stir-fry, beef stroganoff and a rose harissa chicken tray bake. 


Sausages of the Week

We love to experiment with different flavours of sausages each week, tantalizing your taste buds with new and inventive flavours.

The whole team works together to produce new sausage creations. Once the recipe has been perfected, we keep our best sellers on rotation as well as testing out new flavours. Have a request? Let us know what you want and I am sure we can create the best tasting sausage. 

Roast of the week

Roast of the Week

There is nothing better than getting all cosy during the winter months and comfort food is the best way. Spice up your family's Sunday roast with one of our gorgeous, easy to cook roasts.

Every Friday we create a delicious, 'easy to cook' meat centre piece for your family roast dinner. We stuff the chicken, roll the sirloin and de-boned the lamb leg, so all you have to do is pop it in the oven and serve. Using inspiration from some of our favourite cooks, we give you a tasty alternative. 

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