Meet the Family

The Meat Hook is a family run business. Everyone rolls up their sleeves and gets stuck in. We all bring our own personality, experience and enthusiasm to the business. 

Guy Coertze

The man who thinks he's in charge

After many years of experience in the corperate world. Guy finally decided to follow his dream and persue his love of food. Guy is an enthusiastic and passionate cook, who is happily learning butchery skills from our highly skilled and experienced butcher, Trevor. He is always happy to offer expert cooking advise to both novice cooks and experienced home cooks. 

Mary-Ann Coertze

The women who knows who is in charge

Mary-Ann is a born talker and after many years of cleaning up after Guy in the kitchen, she embraced the idea of opening a butcher shop with Guy at the helm. It turned out to be a dream come true for her too. Aside from talking to all the customers, at length, Mary-Ann brings new recipes, new ideas and an innovative approach to the modern dietary challenges facing families today.

Emma Morton

The one who is actually in charge 

Following her graduation from University with an Honours degree in Journalism, Emma decided to swoop in, alphabetise and organise the systems and process at the Meat Hook. She has her hands full keeping Guy on track, keeping Trevor singing and ensuring Mary-Ann doesn't talk the customers to death. Quite simply the shop could not run without her. 

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