Our deli counter contains a variety of cold meats, cheeses and olives which will add magic to your charcuterie platters and cheese boards.

Cold meats and cheeses

Cold Meats & Cheeses

We have a wide selection of cut meats and cheeses from around the world, perfect for sandwiches or dinner party platters.

Our smoked and unsmoked hams come from the finest pork suppliers and we ensure they "rest" for 24 hours to allow for maximum flavour and a moist texture.

Vegan or Vegetarian?

Increasingly, in the UK more and more people are choosing to follow a meat-free diet. We want to support these individuals and families by offering a range of meat free options. 

We have a range of vegan and vegetarian goodies around the shop, including vegetarian ready meals, frozen meat alternatives and both vegan and vegetarian snacks. Additionally, we have a range of products which accommodate a gluten free diet, including gluten free sausages. We continue to grow this area of the business and will add more exciting items to our 'free from range'.

Homemade Ready Meals

Check out our freezer in the front of the shop! We keep it fully stocked with homemade ready meals perfect for when you just need something easy.

Using the ingredients from our shop and spices which you could find in your own cupboard, we make some classic dinner recipes. Some of our best sellers include; Traditional South African Bobotie, Shepherds Pie and our family favourite, Gumbo. Our customers say that Guy's Pot Pies are to die for. We started this line of products so we could minimize waste. As part of this ethos, wherever possible, we use paper rather than plastic and encourage our customers to bring their own containers.

Biltong & Droëwors

Grab a taste of South Africa with our homemade traditional biltong and droëwors. Made specially selected cuts of beef giving you a tender and flavoursome snack.

Biltong is an air dried, cured meaty snack. We use traditional seasoning and allow the meat to marinade for 24 hours before allowing it to 'dry' for up to 3 days. Droëwors directly translates to 'dry sausage'. Using the same recipe as our homemade boerewors, we allow our droëwors to dry for up to 3 days so it has perfect texture and taste.  

Biltong & Drywors

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